November 28 - December 1  2013

3rd International Harp Competition

in Szeged, Hungary

Welcome to the International Harp Competition in Szeged!

Founded in 2007 and held every three years, the International Harp Competition in Szeged, Hungary has become a recognized harp contest, a social and cultural event not only for the harpists but also for the audience who enjoys harp music and is excited to hear performers from all over the world. The aim of this project is to discover new young talented harpists, help all participants to discover new horizons in their musical profession and stimulate the development of harp culture in Hungary.

I am delighted to invite harpists from all over the world to take part in 3rd International Harp Competition in Szeged, which is opened to young harpists in three age categories and will take place from 28 November to 1 December 2013 at the Móra Ferenc Museum in Szeged, Hungary. It is dedicated to the memory of Richárd Weninger, a passionate musician, harpist and conductor, who played a significant role in the musical life of Hungary.

Many thanks to all our sponsors, especially to Camac Harps and Mora Ferenc Museum

Looking forward to seeing you in Szeged in 2013!

Natalia Gorbunova
Artistic Director

Szeged is known for its cultural life even in remote countries. Many people have heard about the Szeged University, Szeged National Theatre, Szeged Symphony Orchestra or Summer Open Air Festival of Szeged. Wthout them the city would attract less students, researchers, artists and tourists. The events held by the Music Faculty of Szeged University - especially the Béla Bartók International Piano Competition and József Simándy International Singing Competition - have launched the carrier of many talented musicians. The founders and organizers of the 3rd International Harp Competition have similar goals. 

Harp is able to give new dimension to old times and sentiments. Listening to this beautiful musical instrument gives way to relaxation, contemplation and joy. But the artistic humbleness, determination and vocation of these young harpists is not less essential.

I wish success to all the participants and hope that they will make themselves and their audience happy.

Prof. Ferenc Kerek, DLA
Dean of Musical Faculty at University of Szeged
Main patron of the competition